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About Community Involvement

Diamond Kitchen and Bath, Inc. prides itself on its involvement in valley communities. We support organizations such as MAGGIE’S PLACE, a house of hospitality for pregnant women, FEED THE CHILDREN and THE WESTSIDE FOOD BANK to name a few. Diamond Kitchen and Bath, Inc. believes in investing in our children and their activities. We have sponsored over one hundred Little League baseball teams over the years and various middle and high school athletic and academic teams. Check our walls filled with plaques from these teams that we display in our showrooms.

Fully furnished kitchen with brown white cabinets

Semper Fi Fund

Diamond Kitchen and Bath, Inc. also donates to the SEMPER FI FUND, a charity that helps injured Marines and their families after returning from the wars in Afghanistan and/or Iraq. We salute our young soldiers for their service and sacrifice as they fight for our freedoms!

Diamond Kitchen and Bath, Inc. realizes it has civic responsibilities in the communities we do business in and we take those responsibilities seriously. We are committed to bettering these communities and will continue to be active in them.

Steps to Reduce Impact on the Environment

Diamond Kitchen and Bath, Inc. also prides itself on selling products from manufacturers who have high environmental standards for their machine operations. To see some of their environmental missions and the steps these companies are taking to reduce their impact on the environment, click here.

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