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Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops for Phoenix and the Surrounding Areas

No kitchen or bathroom is complete without a custom-designed countertop. Our design team at Diamond Kitchen and Bath will work one-on-one with you to perfectly match your home’s design. We operate with state-of-the-art technology and software to reimagine your kitchen or bathroom. From there, we place in new countertops to give you an idea of how they would look in your home. Cutting out the guesswork, this saves time, money, and frustration. Whether you’re looking to renovate your kitchen or give your bathroom a new look, call the experts at Diamond Kitchen and Bath. Visit one of our four showrooms today to get some inspiration and talk with our knowledgeable staff. We’ve been proudly providing Phoenix and the surrounding areas with countertops since 1986!

kitchen with white cabinets and granite counter tops

Variety of Countertop Materials

Diamond Kitchen and Bath has a wide variety of styles and materials for your home’s new countertops. Whether you’re in Glendale, Phoenix, or Mesa AZ, we’ve got a showroom there with friendly and helpful designers. We look forward to helping you redesign your kitchen or bathroom with beautiful countertops. Some of the materials we specialize in are:

kitchen with granite counter tops


Diamond Kitchen and Bath hosts a large selection of countertop materials to go along with your remodel. With so many different colors and possibilities, we’re proud to be Phoenix and the surrounding areas’ premier countertop location. Stop by today, and we’ll help you find a solution that’s great for your kitchen and wallet.


Whether you’re renovating your entire bathroom or just putting in some new countertops, Diamond Kitchen and Bath is Phoenix and the surrounding areas’ premier location for bathroom countertops. Add a sense of relaxation and style to your bathroom with our wide selection of countertops. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or cutting-edge, our design team will help you find what you need. With over 30 years in the business, our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions or concerns you may have.


We stock a large selection of natural and gorgeous granite countertops for your kitchen. Dazzle your guests with the prestigious and useful material. Granite is incredibly sturdy and heat-resistant, so you’re free to cook without worry of damaging your countertops. With different colors and styles, you’ll find a perfect match for your kitchen at Diamond Kitchen and Bath. We keep a collection of favorite colors in stock for same-day pickup.

Tried and tested, granite is the most popular bathroom countertop surface. Durable and timeless, it stands up through the years while adding value to your home. These also come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures to match your room’s motif.


Modern laminate has come a long way from your grandma’s flowery pink and yellow countertops. Being 70% paper, it is regarded as the most environmentally-friendly countertop surface. In addition to being rather green, it’s incredibly affordable while being entirely customizable to fit your kitchen’s décor. It also comes in a variety of options and colors, patterns, and finishes, including high-resolution wood grain. High-pressure decorative laminate is used commonly throughout Glendale and Phoenix homes to provide an affordable and sturdy countertop surface.

The most affordable option while still looking great. These are less durable than other options but provide a perfect countertop for those on a budget. They come in a nearly endless amount of colors, styles, designs, and textures.

Beautifully arranged kitchen


Quartz countertops have been growing in popularity for some time. Meshing eye-catching beauty with nearly indestructible durability, they’re a perfect material for your kitchen. Unlike granite, they are nonporous, so they don’t need to be sealed. Engineered with 95% quartz and 5% polymer resin, they are quite customizable with different colors and effects. Beauty meets practicality in quartz countertops. Diamond Bath and Kitchen has great deals and a wide selection on quartz countertops. Come visit our showroom today!

bathroom sink with marble counter tops


Marble countertops add an elegant sophistication to your bathroom. Complete your relaxing renovation by installing this nonporous, durable, and beautiful material in your home.


Classic and clean, porcelain provides Phoenix, AZ homeowners with an easy-to-maintain bathroom countertop solution. These match just about every bathroom design and are fairly universal in colors and styles.


By giving your bathroom a unique and retro look with tiles, you can show off your artistic side. Custom-made to fit your countertop, tile can really set off the visuals of your bathroom. A tiled bathroom will remind you of an oasis getaway every time you walk in.

modern white kitchen with stainless appliances


We also offer a practical and affordable solution to all your countertop issues. Solid surface countertops are nonporous for a smooth and clean finish. This also makes them incredibly easy to clean and maintain, as bacteria and germs cannot stay on the surface. Come in today and talk to our design and sales team about installing solid surface countertops in your kitchen.

Economical countertop solution that matches natural-grain countertops like marble or granite. Also available in a variety of colors and styles, these are perfect when you want a vanity look for an affordable price.

Professional Installers

Add a touch of flair or a stylish finish to your bathroom with a custom-fabricated countertop from Diamond Kitchen and Bath. Our showrooms have a multitude of countertops to match the décor of your home or provide you with something different and unique. From traditional porcelain to modern marble, we’ll find the product for you to complete your new bathroom remodel. Once you’re done picking out everything, the next step is to schedule our team of licensed, bonded, and insured installation specialists to put it in place. We work tirelessly while respecting your home to install your new countertop. Visit our showroom today to get started!

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